10 Tips On How To Control Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is one of the evils afflicting the world today, and it is hard to escape it. Therefore, if you have sensations of anxiety and you need to calm the mind and spirit, this article will give you ten tips on how to control anxiety.

how to control anxiety
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Unfortunately, anxiety disorder has become a common condition in the new millennium.

More and more people are suffering from this disorder, and it interferes with their responsibilities, their daily lives, and their relationships.

Anxiety can cause at least 3 of the following:

– Nervousness, impatience
– Tiredness
– Difficulty in concentrating
– Irritability
– Muscle tension, trembling, sweating and headache
– Sleep disturbance

If you are hit with some of these symptoms, you might think that anxiety is taking you by surprise.

The good news is that, besides visiting the doctor to give you proper treatment, you can calm your mind and spirit with ten tips that will help you to overcome anxiety.

10 Tips On How To Control Anxiety

1. The first trick to keep in mind is breathing. The moment you feel that fear comes over you, do some breathing techniques to help you relax and reduce anxiety. Certain breathing techniques can calm your mind and thereby your spirit.

2. It is important that you learn relaxation techniques which are short but efficient, and that can aid you in those moments.

3. Be content, and reach out to others. Generalized anxiety disorder is not defeated alone; you need yourself, your doctor, your family, and your friends. Therefore, be honest with them, especially in times of high anxiety. A hug can be a great help.

4. The moment you start to feel anxiety, it is important that you identify the thoughts you’ve had. These thoughts are usually negative and irrational; that triggers emotions such as worry, sadness, etc.

5. Avoid certain foods and beverages that may trigger or enhance an anxiety attack, such as drinking coffee too much, eating too much chocolate, etc.

6. A very distressing time is the time when you go to sleep. Usually, these moments are the time when worries often break into your thoughts. Therefore, when you lie down, do not watch TV and try some relaxation techniques so you can sleep.

7. Take a walk or practice some physical activity that you like. Exercise is a great help to reduce nervous tension and anxiety. Further, it releases endorphins that give you pleasure and comfort.

8. Do not forget to maintain a good diet. You can even include foods in your diet which are rich in tryptophan and serotonin (two active ingredients that can help treat such disorders).

9. Do not get bogged down with responsibilities and activities. Do what you can and remember that lack of concentration and physical and mental fatigue are some of the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Therefore, do not push yourself too much.

10. Find help; this is fundamental. At first, you think that you can handle it, but it is not so.

Ask for help and see a doctor. There are many good treatments that combine medication with the implementation of cognitive and behavioral techniques to help you overcome anxiety attacks.

These were the 10 tips on how to control anxiety.

The treatment of anxiety disorder is not easy, but if you have the perseverance to implement these tricks, along with medical attention, it will be of great help to calm your mind, your spirit and overcome anxiety. You will succeed and know how to control anxiety through practice.