Do you suffer from Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder)?

Social anxiety or social phobia can affect your life in so many ways.
You are not alone with this condition, millions of people worldwide suffer from it.
Even famous people with anxiety have to suffer the same symptoms as you.
It is normal for you to feel anxious at times, but do you find yourself being anxious weeks before an event?
Are you able to get on with your life without excessive worrying about what should be enjoyable occasions?
Do you feel anxious about doing something in front of others? Even though nobody may actually be observing you?
Do you ever think that you should not be afraid – that your fear is irrational?
Have you ever avoided going somewhere or doing something because you might get embarrassed?

If so, welcome to Social Anxiety Answers.

Social Anxiety Answers exists to provide help and information for anyone with anxiety problems, particularly social anxiety.
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