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Fighting Social Anxiety Day By Day

You know the feeling well. You are at a social function, and suddenly all your fears come true. You had been dreading it for weeks unable to control your thoughts, feeling anxious and having panicky thoughts every day.  Your life becomes a struggle with fighting social anxiety day by day. Continue reading


Famous-Person-200x300 social anxiety disorder social anxiety famous people with social anxiety famous people with anxiety combating social anxiety celebrities with anxiety anxiety and depression

Social anxiety disorder is so widespread that even celebrities can’t escape from it, perhaps because the pressure to which they are being subjected from always being in the spotlight of the media and fans. There are many famous people with anxiety who suffer every day just like the rest of us. Social anxiety in celebrities is pretty widespread and being in the spotlight only makes it harder to deal with.

Continue reading

Acupuncture For Social Anxiety – Get The Facts

There are different types of alternative treatment for anxiety with one such example being acupuncture for social anxiety. This kind of therapy helps to cure anxiety without the expenses and side effects associated with modern medicine. Continue reading