How To be More Social And Be Less Of An Introvert

how to be more social

There is a general saying that man is a social being, which means he derives more satisfaction when he is in the company of others as opposed to when he is tucked away in solitary confinement. Discover how to be more social and make friends more easily.

How To Be More Social

However, whether by accident or design, the modern man appears to be more drawn towards solitude than he is pushing away from it. And part of the reason could be the many technological innovations that come with a false sense of security and companionship.

This false sense means that socialization, like with many other noble endeavors, may as well be a lost cause. But before that happens, join me as I introduce you to some of the methods on how we could salvage the whole situation before matters come to a head.

Learn From a Pro

Learning from professionals is the first way on how to be social. Get to know someone who is better at socializing than you are and learn from them. Befriending them won’t be a problem since making friends is what they are good at. Especially ask them how they managed to earn so many friends and what pitfalls they experienced on the way.

Ask as many questions as possible and be sure to keep the objective of the question as opposed to subjective. For example, you could ask – “I know you are good at meeting new people, could you introduce me to how it works.?” Asking this way is better than – “Are you good at meeting new people and why not introduce me to how it works?”

Learn from how they talk and watch their acts and gestures. Additionally, study their way of thinking. Copy them as it is not wrong to copy what is good. It is not that you are not yourself but rather it is just you trying to be the better version of yourself. Most importantly, once you get better at socializing, approach those who don’t and let them taste the sweetness of the real social life. Show them how to be more social too.

Books, Movies, and Music

It is always easier to get together with someone when you share the same interest, and while you may choose something else, these three are always the best at bringing people together. Aside from the mere fact that you can read, watch or listen together, you could do more with books, movies, and music.

Why not read a book, review it and share it with your friends or even get in a book club. You may also post your book review on sites like Goodreads and attract more friends that share the same thoughts as you do. As for movies, having someone to watch it with you will make the experience better. Sometimes, it’s the company that we have that boosts the experience and may even transform a boring not-so-interesting movie to a captivating one.

I don’t have to say much about music but always remember the one magic word – concerts. Concerts are a way of making people converge and share a lot amongst themselves. And if you can’t afford to go to one, sharing about a new music release or a concert you attended is the best way to spend your time together.

Do Things Together

Spare some time to get together with your friends. Always find a way to include your friends in your plans or try to include yourself in their plans. You could plan a party with them and ask them to invite their other friends and create a huge gathering where everyone can start to get to know each other.

Other than parties, you could also plan a simple picnic or go camping. Outdoor adventures are ideal for making you connect with people as well as nature. And the memories created thereby could be remarkable. If you don’t feel like being in a crowd yet you still want company; have your friend come over to your place and enjoy simple meals while you talk and share what happens in your daily life. The least you could do is invite them for a cup of coffee and keep talking for hours.

Keep in Touch

Communication is the key to sustaining healthy relationships whether it is with your friends or family. Communication connects. Be sure to spend some time in your daily life to call or text your loved ones to get an update on how they are faring. Also, take some time to get connected with people you just met to learn more about them!

Thanks to technology, we have numerous social media platforms that enable us to stay connected to everyone. Follow people on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media sites. See what they are up to so as to get a glimpse of how their lives have been. Leave comments and let them know that they matter to you. Now, use everything you learned from those sites concerning their lives in your conversation when you get the chance to meet them. This is how to be more social and put yourself out there.

Be Nice to People

Be friendly, spread goodness and never forget to smile. Keep that beautiful curve on your lips no matter where you are and who is with you. Smiling is one of the best steps to getting to know people. Smile to a stranger and start getting to know them. Build relationships and keep it long. Other than that, be a friend that is always there for your buddies, especially during their tough times.

Do your best and always be ready to lend a hand or maybe just listen. You could also go for the simplest acts of being nice like treating your friends to good food. Be kind to strangers too and be sure to give them a hand when they are carrying too much stuff. Help your new neighbor move their belongings into their house, give a lift to people walking in bad weather and always grab a chance to do good and spread kindness to people. Whatever you do, never forget that it is the little things that matter the most.

Be Happy

Always choose to be happy. Surround yourself with good people that get the best out of you. Be sure to keep an optimistic outlook. And have a positive thought and approach to every situation no matter how grave it appears. This is an excellent way to practice [easyazon_link identifier=”1522972455″ locale=”US” tag=”cheesecakerec-20″]how to be more social[/easyazon_link] every day.

Rhonda Byrne quoted Mike Dooley in her famous book, The Secret that ”thoughts become things”. Only think of good things and only good things from good people will come to you. Giving you opportunities to spread even more happiness in your circles. Good things will consequently bring you a smile and laughter. One really good thing about laughter is that it is contagious so laugh and spread it to people around you. Laugh with strangers and they will spread it more to other people around them, making the world a happier and better place to live in and putting you at the center of it all.

There are infinite ways to learn how to be more social. Everybody has their preference. Apply one today, make more friends and be happy for the rest of your life being happy. In case you forgot, there is no limit to what you can achieve when you socialize and be happy. And life is indeed too short to remain lonely and sad!