How To Cure Social Anxiety By Watching How You Think

Cure For Social Anxiety

Do you want to learn how to cure social anxiety?

You have tried everything, but nothing works.

Imagine what it would be like to be completely free of social anxiety symptoms.

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Well, check this out: you can overcome your social anxiety problems.

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Many individuals have problems while mixing with people. People think others will criticize and judge them although the reality may not be that. These feelings force those kinds of individuals to avoid others, so they don’t get hurt.

As a result, they isolate themselves until they recover from their panic. This is called social anxiety, or social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety refers to the fear of social settings and conditions. But, social anxiety disorder is unlike introversion or shyness. Social anxiety involves a deep fear of everyday routines or activities meeting new people, communicating with them, and shopping.

This problem stems from the idea that other people will criticize, judge, or humiliate them in the group. Stefan G. Hofmann emphasizes this by saying: “Social anxiety is because of the fear of a likely chance our peers will not welcome us.

The fear of negative evaluation by others is [part of] a fundamental, biological need to get people to like you. That’s why we have social anxiety.” This disorder can affect one’s life in a negative way and turn their life into hell. As stated, in this article, we will present information relating to the cure for social anxiety. Symptoms of Social Anxiety

Symptoms of Social Anxiety

To understand how to overcome social anxiety, you must know its signs. The following cases are symptoms of social anxiety:

– Wanting to avoid new people/strangers

Fear of being judged and criticized

Fear of everyday activities

– Not making eye-to-eye contact

– Reluctant when working or speaking within groups

Cure for Social Anxiety

There are lots of treatment methods and suggestions for dealing with social anxiety although many of them are useless and just a waste of time. The standard treatment methods include medications, antidepressants, natural supplements, vitamin D and magnesium, doing exercise, and after a while therapy.

Among these, the most common ones are medication and therapy. Now, we should examine them.

Medication can help decrease the level of social anxiety for people. But, the solution is, not a permanent one. Medication can relax the mind and suppress the concerns arising from social anxiety.

After stopping using medication, people with social anxiety will show the same reactions they did before the drug. So, it’s not the best choice in this case.

The other most common choice is therapy, or cognitive therapy, in which a therapist tries to convince people with this disorder to accept their fears. Thus, they will go through challenging circumstances and express their feelings and thoughts while behaving as they wish in those conditions.

Cognitive therapy is the only successful working method for now. A group of Norwegian and British researchers from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) conducted research on the effectiveness of these two methods. Four groups of participants, including a group of medication, a group for therapy, a group combination of two, and a placebo group.

At the end of the study, they found out that the second and third group enjoyed the treatments most, and between those two, the therapy-only group fared best.

Suggestions to overcome social anxiety

As you can see, the best cure for social anxiety is cognitive therapy. The other ways to defeat this disorder.

Self-improvement books or manuals: A self-help book provides treatments you can carry out on your own. Although they are not as effective as the sessions conducted by a professional therapist, they can still work.

Cure For Social Anxiety

– Develop an exposure hierarchy: This list includes the circumstances where you experience severe anxiety. Put them in order of severity and complexity and then do the easiest one. Then do the next one the same way. Thus, you can make yourself accustomed to being in those circumstances.

– Decide objectives: You will overcome social anxiety if you have a motive. That’s why, you should name goals: studying at a good college, meeting a cute girl, or having a lovely chat with people you love.

To sum up, social anxiety is a common problem that makes people afflicted nervous and anxious in individual cases. But, you can have an effective cure for this disorder, which empirical evidence supports.

Cognitive therapy is the most powerful treatment method for now. People with social anxiety have a choice to live without it.

Combine the therapies and medications described you can have a cure for social anxiety.

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