Anxiety Attack Symptoms In Women – What are The Signs?

Life is full of stressful events: the car won’t start, you’re late for an appointment, the in-laws arrive or you just find it difficult getting on with people. Signs of Anxiety attack symptoms in women are on the increase and you need to be aware of them in order to deal with the problem.

anxiety attack symptoms in women

Stress in a modern, working woman’s life is no less than any man’s, as is otherwise assumed when someone is stressed, their actions often speak louder than words.

The key to relieving stress is to gain control over all the irritants you actually have the power to change.

This is important because too much stress puts the immune system into a state of overload and signs of anxiety attack symptoms in women are high as they take on more responsibilities outside the home.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms In Women Are Similar To Us All

Despite the different forms of anxiety we all suffer, the signs of stress are much the same from person to person. Trembling, sweating, cold hands, and feet, dizziness and nausea are common signs that someone is feeling anxious. Everyone suffers the same symptoms when they are stressed.

We sweat, we have stress-induced diarrhea, our heart rate is up and we can scarcely breathe.

Women are generally shallow breathers, but during stressful times it becomes even more evident and women resort to alcohol and drugs to help calm them and to cope.

This is even more evident with women who suffer from social disorders; having to mingle at a party.

Public speaking or eating in public can also trigger a panic attack.


Moodiness and Weight Gain a Curse of Anxiety

What are the signs of anxiety attack symptoms in women then? Many times women don’t even realize that they are frowning and that their shoulders are sloped and stooped as if they are bearing an enormous weight.

If women are carrying around feelings of anxiety or depression, they become moody.

Menopause causes weight gain and roller coaster emotional changes and being moody is one of the first signs of anxiety in women, young and old and there is no avoiding it. Anxiety symptoms in women are complex and there are many triggers due to chemical changes and imbalances and their thought processes.

Signs of anxiety attack symptoms in women also produce long term stress which is linked to other health issues. Anxiety can also affect a woman’s body weight. The reason why women with anxiety have trouble managing their weight is because of cortisol; a stress hormone.

It is released during times of anxiety and it causes fat to build up around the midsection.

Another sign of anxiety attack symptoms in women is inactivity. Women feel physically drained when they are dealing with anxiety and this leads to fewer calories being burned which also leads to weight gain. This weight gain can make you feel bad about yourself and can even lead to depressive symptoms. Women are more worried about this than men but men are affected by it too.

Weight gain and anxiety are complex and often weight gain leads to other signs and symptoms such as muscle tension, headache, and tearfulness.

Show the World that Everything is Under Control

Women who have learned effective coping mechanisms and who work to find solutions to their problems will feel better. They will naturally have a better outlook on life and be more resilient to stress or anxiety disorders.

Setting realistic goals and developing strong self-esteem and seeking knowledge are all methods of coping with stress and anxiety.

By looking at a plan that takes into account diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, and in some instances therapy and counseling, most women will be able to cope with anxiety. But by not showing signs of anxiety, they’ll give off an aura that all is cool and that they have everything under control.