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Social anxiety disorder is so widespread that even celebrities can’t escape from it. This is perhaps because of the pressure to which they are subjected. Famous people are always in the spotlight of the media and fans.

There are many famous people with anxiety who suffer every day just like the rest of us. Social anxiety in celebrities is widespread. And being in the spotlight only makes it harder to deal with.

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It must be terrible suffering from a social anxiety disorder in these conditions. But there are treatments to help you recover. We are so used to the oddities of some celebrities, who can do strange, crazy things or lose control.

But, a lot of this behavior may be due to a social anxiety disorder. Even celebrities are not immune to phobias. Famous people have trouble fighting social anxiety disorders and phobias.

Can you imagine having to do tv and press interviews while suffering from a social phobia? It must be a nightmare for anyone in that position. Try imagining yourself having to do that every day.

Most of us with social anxiety problems have a difficult time in social situations. We are shy and self-conscious. But we are not famous or a celebrity. We suspect everyone is looking at us and judging us.

The fact is that they are not doing that at all. Famous people who have a mental illness though are different in that regard.

But if you are a celebrity or a well-known person, then your fears are valid. People are looking at you and could make judgments about you. You find it impossible even to go out for a meal without being recognized.

You cannot shop or do anything most people do every day. Michael Jackson would have a store closed to the public. Then he could go shopping without being the center of attention.

So remember that the next time you are in a store or restaurant for example. People do not gaze at you or judge you at all. This is part of the social anxiety condition, and you can change it. Remember this the next time you are at a social event. Celebrities with anxiety have a much harder time dealing with social anxiety.

Here are some famous people with social anxiety disorder:

1. Jennifer Lawrence: One of the most fashionable actresses, the protagonist of “The Hunger Games”.

Jennifer Lawrence admitted suffering from anxiety in her life. Anxiety made her feel excluded. Fighting social anxiety is hard because you are always in the public spotlight.

2. Hugh Laurie:  The protagonist of the series “House” has admitted his fight against anxiety and depression. Due to the stress of recording the program and being away from his family, he visited a therapist.

3. Lady Gaga:  The queen of eccentricity known as Lady Gaga. She confirmed she used marijuana as a personal treatment for anxiety. Her international success overtook the singer.

This success involved an excess of work. She had more responsibility and the stress of always being in front of the cameras and fans.

4. Drew Barrymore:  The actress revealed that she had anxiety after the birth of her son, because of the stress of keeping a person alive. This disorder has been part of her life, due to the obsession she has to do her job well.

5. Jim Carrey:  Despite being identified as one of the best comedians, he confirmed that he had suffered bouts of depression and anxiety. To help he used to take medication like Prozac.

6. Halle Berry: The actress confessed that she tried to commit suicide after her divorce from David Justice and she has also recorded cases of depression.

7. Owen Wilson: The actor of “Midnight in Paris” was in a hospital for suicide attempts. He has battled depression and drug addiction.

To overcome it, he takes antidepressant treatment and therapy.

8. Kirsten Dunst: The star of Spiderman has battled depression and anxiety caused by the pressures of her career. She took a moment away from the limelight and the red carpet to relax.

9. Colin Farrell: The actor suffered from severe depression after some trials in his career. He had treatment for chronic insomnia. The treatment went on for twelve years.

Celebrities suffer social anxiety problems like everyone else

Let us examine the causes of anxiety in famous people with social anxiety.  We find the same reasons as in everyday people.

Although, media pressures surrounding celebrities can cause not only generalized anxiety but can also lead to phobias.

A common phobia is an eating disorder. And celebrities may even have suicidal thoughts as happened to actress Halle Berry.

Other celebrities and famous people with social anxiety disorder.

Fame and fear has overtaken these celebrities.
For example Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, and Beyonce.

So anyone can suffer from a social anxiety disorder, but it’s nice to know you can cure it. No one is immune, but you can overcome it and lead a happy and productive life.

Start your treatment today. There are many ways to overcome your social anxiety symptoms. Learning how to overcome social anxiety is difficult but easier if you are not in the public gaze every day.

Because celebrities with anxiety disorders have a tougher time dealing with the problem due to the pressures of always being in the spotlight.

With technology today anyone can take a photograph of a celebrity. Mobile phones have cameras and they will upload a photo online in seconds. You cannot hide your activities anymore. In today’s world, it is not only the paparazzi who can get good pictures anyone with a mobile device can. What happens then is that these pictures are being shared online among the different social media sites which is terrible for anyone trying to protect their privacy.

So maybe you should be grateful you are not in the public eye. Famous people with anxiety disorders are not so lucky because being famous brings a lot of baggage and the pressure to cope is much more difficult for celebrities.

Do you believe celebrities with anxiety endure a more difficult time than the rest of us?

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